WineSocial - The Digital Ecosystem for the Business of Wine

WineSocial ™ is the fastest and easiest opportunity-generator for the Global Wine Industry.

WineSocial is a B2B platform that allows the players in the $328 billion global wine industry, from production to consumption, to effectively and efficiently bridge the global demand and offer in a social online environment.

The Wine industry, a centuries old business, is critically fragmented, due to its immaturity when it comes to the digital ecosystem, especially the social component of it. Today’s business is mostly conducted on a local and regional level via phone and personal contact, with orders done by paper and fax. There is a new generation of owners that are taking over the day to day running of the business from their parents or relatives and they are now asking, and expecting, to operate via connected technologies using a platform where they can engage, scale and globalize their business reach.

To solve this problem, we are giving all local and regional players worldwide the opportunity to connect to each other globally, using a B2B digital ecosystem designed to meet the needs and expectation of an industry that is desperately looking to operate with no borders, expanding business opportunities and reach.

WineSocial offers industry users, logged in and profiled, the possibility to find and connect with businesses using a lead generator, contact them through an inmail system, post marketing material and opportunities, and ultimately streamline their business operations.


Simone Tarantino - Executive Director

Simone Tarantino

Founder - Executive Director

Co-founder - Head of Engineering

Jonathan Challener

Co-founder - Head of Engineering

Donald Pollard - Social Media Strategist

Donald Pollard

Business Development

dustin rapallo - Content Marketing Manager

Dustin Rapallo

Content Marketing Manager

Natalia Melikyants - Front-end Developer

Natalia Melikyants

Front-end Engineer

Maxim Marchuk - Senior Backend Engineer

Maxim Marchuk

Senior Back-end Engineer