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French magazine L’Express wailed that if it was bad enough Sweden had been shown to have the finer palates, in an “ultimate affront”, the “Tricolores” had finished behind the UK as well.

France Suffers Ultimate Affront in Tasting Competition

A team of French professionals suffered the “ultimate affront” of finishing in 11th place in a wine tasting competition, well behind the UK team, while a plucky Zimbabwean team forced Italy into an ignominious last place.

Chimney Rock Winery, located on the Silverado Trail in Napa, escaped damage and yesterday posted a photo to thank those who continue to support the relief effort.

Forecast of Rain brings Hope of Relief from California Wildfires

As wildfires continue to burn throughout northern California, the forecast of rain later this week has offered hope of relief to those that have seen their wineries and homes destroyed.

According to numerous reports, the board of directors of Unideco, the parent company of Codorníu Raventós, has approved a transfer to Haro in La Rioja.

Codorníu to Move HQ to Rioja

Cava producer Codorníu is to move its company headquarters out of Catalonia to Rioja due to the lingering uncertainty over the former’s claims to independence and Freixenet has suggested it may do likewise.

Clusters of Cabernet Sauvignon hang in a smoky vineyard in the Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley on Oct. 10.

Six Misconceptions About Smoke Taint

What research has shown about making wine with smoke-affected grapes.

Grapegrowers in Northern California wine regions struck by wildfires since Oct. 8 have found it difficult to get the last of their crops off the vines and delivered to wineries, due to road closures, evacuated employees, power outages and other challenges. Winemakers have an additional worry about how widespread smoke may affect the quality of wines made from those last loads of grapes.