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Vines growing against black lava on the isle of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

Why Volcanic Wine Is Becoming A Hot Topic

The center of our planet a distance which, as the crow flies, is about the same as taking a flight from Pittsburgh to Paris in France is about 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit (6,100 degrees Celsius), or about as hot as the surface of the sun.

The boycott of B.C. wines threaten the lives of families that have worked to build the province's wine industry, said Trade Minister Bruce Ralston. Photo: Jeff McIntosh

The B.C. government notified Alberta that it is requesting consultations under the Canadian free trade agreement’s dispute settlement process. The challenge comes after Alberta announced a boycott of B.C. wines in retaliation for regulations that could block a west coast oil pipeline.

Sommeliers Paz Levinson and Andrés Rosberg along with MWs Tim Atkin and Madeleine Stenwreth help select the wines.

Argentina to create 40 new Wine ‘Ambassadors’ for the country

Argentina is hosting 40 Masters of Wine this week to create “new ambassadors” for the country, according to Trapiche’s Duncan Keen, who has masterminded the trip.

During an opening address on Saturday evening at Trapiche’s winery outside the city of Mendoza, Keen outlined his motivation for inviting more than 40 MWs to visit Argentina.