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Last year, major wine producing countries in Europe including France, Italy and Spain had experienced different climate challenges including hail and frost.

France has introduced a new rule that will allow wineries to increase the amount of stock they’re allowed to hold back by up to 20%, following recent weather events that adversely affected wine production in the country.

Wine producers in Italy, Spain and France were ravaged by both hot and cold weather in 2017. Photo: Simon Whitehurst

Global production slumps to lowest level since 1961 as major growers hit by freakish weather.

It’s the kind of bad news best served with a stiff drink: the price of standard supermarket wines such as prosecco and pinot grigio could rise by up to 30% this year as the impact of 2017’s disastrous harvest is felt on the high street.

A spotted lanternfly, found on a trap. The insects have now been seen in at least five East Coast states, threatening the region's fruit and hardwood industry. (Pa. Dept. of Agriculture)

The spotted lanternfly was first seen in Pennsylvania in September 2014, according to the state Department of Agriculture. That took place in Berks County, where the most serious concentration of the pests now exist, prompting a quarantine.

The total harvest in 2017 was 3.5 million hectolitres, down 40 percent on 2016. Photo: AFP

Wine production in the French region of Bordeaux shrank by 40 percent in 2017, the Bordeaux wine council said Wednesday, with severe frost sapping yields in a year that nonetheless produced a good vintage.

G3 Enterprises has an exclusive licensing agreement with Smart Planet Technologies for the distribution of EarthLabel technology to the wine industry.

G3 Enterprises is now offering EarthLabel technology to the wine industry, having signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Smart Planet Technologies.

EarthLabel technology has been developed by Smart Planet Technologies as an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional weld label constructions.