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French magazine L’Express wailed that if it was bad enough Sweden had been shown to have the finer palates, in an “ultimate affront”, the “Tricolores” had finished behind the UK as well.

A team of French professionals suffered the “ultimate affront” of finishing in 11th place in a wine tasting competition, well behind the UK team, while a plucky Zimbabwean team forced Italy into an ignominious last place.

“Seventy percent of wine sales are reported as coming from impulse sales. This will not happen with take-out and prepared meals"

While food delivery apps like the San Francisco-based TryCaviar have long been delivering wine on their own and in tandem with other apps, a major Texas chain has upped the ante.

As of this holiday season major chain restaurant TGI Fridays is piloting an alcoholic beverage delivery program in parts of Texas.

According to research by trends forecaster Mintel, the number of outlets selling wine from the tap in the US spiked by over 70 per cent in 2015.

Traditionalists who eye screwtop bottles suspiciously better brace themselves, because wine on tap is set to change the way we drink.

Admittedly, pulling a lever on a 20 litre keg of plonk will never match the theatrics of swirling the foil off a bottle, stabbing the corkscrew into the top and yanking open a merlot with a satisfying pop as the intense scent of fermented grapes rises from the neck.

Napa Valley Wine Academy is the eighth WSET Diploma Centre to open in the USA, and one of just 31 worldwide.

Napa Valley Wine Academy has become the latest Approved Program Provider to be authorized by WSET Awards to offer the prestigious WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits. From October 2017 students will be able to study WSET’s flagship qualification at the Napa Valley site.

According to the WSET, the move will be “highly beneficial for the hospitality sector” in the UAE

Wine and spirits enthusiasts in the UAE can now gain a WSET qualification following news that WSET-certified courses are no longer limited to industry professionals.

The Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) has over 750 approved programme providers across the world, however, in the UAE, WSET courses were previously limited to the members of drinks trade.