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The fires have seriously affected vineyards in As Neves and surrounding municipalities, in the south of Galicia, near Portugal.

Galicia’s Rías Baixas wine board is assessing the extent of damage to vineyards caused by wildfires, which have raged in Portugal and Spain since the weekend, killing more than 30 people.

According to numerous reports, the board of directors of Unideco, the parent company of Codorníu Raventós, has approved a transfer to Haro in La Rioja.

Cava producer Codorníu is to move its company headquarters out of Catalonia to Rioja due to the lingering uncertainty over the former’s claims to independence and Freixenet has suggested it may do likewise.

A freeze on wine and spirit duty would help back British business and bolster Brexit trade deal opportunities, said WSTA chief executive Miles Beale.

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has warned of further wine and spirit price hikes if the Chancellor fails to freeze duty in the November Budget.

Calling on the government to freeze alcohol duty in the forthcoming Budget (22 November), the WSTA said a further 3.4% duty rise would add another 7p on a bottler of wine and 26p on a bottle of spirit.

Smoke and flames were visible over the weekend in the hills east of Highway 12 near Glen Ellen and Kenwood.

Permits issued to ensure safety and coordination with the emergency operations center.

Firefighters from throughout California continued to make progress in putting out the fires in Napa and Sonoma counties Sunday. Officials said they were moving toward the recovery phase of one of California’s worst disasters.

Vintners are scrambling to pick the last of their grapes and ferment the wines while coping with evacuations, power losses, road closures and thick clouds of smoke.

As wildfires have raged across Napa, Sonoma, Carneros, Mendocino and beyond, vintners assess their young wines and yet-to-be-harvested grapes

Northern California’s harvest was already winding down when the wildfires tore through parts of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties, forcing winemakers and residents to flee. With fire crews still battling the flames, and many areas under mandatory evacuation, winemakers are facing challenges as they try to finish what had once looked to be a relatively easy harvest.