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US wines are becoming a more prominent part of the secondary market, from nothing to 3.5 percent trade in five years.

The cream of California's crop is increasingly attracting collectors from outside of the US, according to fine wine trading platform Liv-ex, which has launched a US-specific index.

"Traditionally, it's been a region that has been overlooked by non-US based collectors. I imagine most rare and old Napa remains within the US," says Liv-ex Research Analyst Edward Jackson.

Alsace winemakers have reported having problems finding enough workers for the early harvest.

Winemakers in Alsace may struggle to harvest their crops this year as an early season means the temporary workers on which they usually rely are not yet available.

Rabobank recognizes the power of direct-to-consumer sales (DTC) as a profound change in the way wine reaches the consumer.

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider based in the Netherlands that offers wholesale, retail and private banking, and it dabbles in leasing and real estate services too.

Hong Kong’s decision to abolish duty on wine in 2008 opened the floodgates to wine consumption in Hong Kong and China.

China is set to outpace much of the rest of the world by 2020 and become the world’s second-largest wine market. And a key driving force behind that may be e-commerce.

With China set to out-drink the majority of the world by 2020 and online shopping habits becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses to consider, one could justifiably wonder whether the future of wine is coded within an Eastern IP address.

The Mendocino Complex fires have spread to more than 153,000 acres. Photo: Justin Sullivan

The skies are yet again tinged with smoke over Northern California. The Mendocino Complex fires, which started July 27, have spread to more than 153,000 acres, destroying more than 40 residences and threatening local vineyards and wineries.