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Wine Displays Inc. a global leader in premium wine storage solutions began taking orders today for L-type Series 2, the first significant breakthrough in 'label out' wine storage since the concept was first pioneered in Austria, over a generation ago.

SAN FRANCISCO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- STACT


"Label-out wine storage just got a whole lot better," said Jamie Kasza, STACT's CEO. "Unlike conventional racks, L-type Series 2 supports both standard and magnum bottles in one compact design. Best of all, the patent pending system delivers superior bottle visibility, making hidden labels a thing of the past – all in an even more efficient design that allows for more wine in less space."

"Our customers love the clean lines and sleek aesthetics of our original C-type (cork-out) design, but had desired a label-out solution with similar appeal. Understanding that one's wine cellar is not typically stocked to full capacity, we worked hard to re-think the design of our L-type product so that it too looks great 'naked,' not just when fully stocked."

Inspired by one of most important industrial designers of our time Dieter Rams, who once said, "The only plausible way forward is the less-but-better way. Simplicity is the key to excellence!" the result was a groundbreaking design with a bold new approach to label-out wine storage that stays true to STACT's distinctive design language – defined by clean modern aesthetics.

L-type Series 2 sets a new standard for label-out wine storage with unrivaled elegance and versatility.


Proven leading-edge design.

Created in San Francisco by noted ICFF winning designer, Eric Pfeiffer, STACT wine racks combine the warmth and richness of fine hand crafted furniture, with the refinement and durability of precision-machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. STACT ships as a complete solution, delivered flat-packed and ready-to-install right out of the box, minimizing the costs associated with labor and installation when compared to custom solutions found on the market.

STACT panels are completely interchangeable, and available in an array of premium finish options - allowing users the opportunity to create their own unique wine wall design, with the possibility of expanding and adapting as their collection grows over time. Whether tucked underground, or front and center in the kitchen within a glass-enclosed wine cellar, building an elegant one-of-a-kind wine cellar is now easier than ever before.


L-type Series 2 pricing and availability.

  • Starting at just $99 USD each via (including free shipping worldwide).
  • Mix & match 12 stunning finishes, including new 'WhiteOut' and 'Black & Tan'.
  • Fully compatible with C-type panels.
  • Also available in custom format exclusively through CellArt.



Known as "the pioneers of modern wine storage" STACT reimagines how wine is stored and showcased in the home. Designed by world-renowned designers and crafted with high-quality materials, the resulting solutions are uniquely versatile, space efficient and customizable to fit any space or décor. STACT wine racks have received international acclaim, having been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Gizmodo, AskMen, Globe & Mail, and Design Milk, ranked as the #1 Kickstarter design product by Huffington Post's StyleList, and selected by Uncrate as 'Most wanted.'

For more information or to view the STACT wine racks and cellars, visit


SOURCE STACT Wine Displays Inc.

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