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Americans think quality and beauty when they drink Italian, but do they think luxury? Photo: Frescobaldi

At Vinitaly, the country’s trade agency announces plans for a $25 million marketing push.

American wine lovers don’t need to be told that Italy produces some of the world’s great wines. But Italian vintners believe they can improve sales in the world’s largest wine market and have launched an aggressive marketing push.

The line-up of wines for the W3: Women of the Wine World tasting at Vinitaly International this week in Verona. Photo: Cathy Huyghe

Earlier this week I led a tasting and presentation at the Vinitaly International trade fair in Verona, on the topic of “W3: Women of the Wine World.” It was one of three international tastings this year that showcased unique perspectives of women working in the wine industry, with the expressed intent to "fuel a wider debate and encourage a constructive exchange of ideas on the influence of women in the business."

Verona is not only the city of love; it also hosts the world's biggest wine exhibition.

In Europe, April is the harbinger of spring and warmer weather.

As Italians come out of months of hibernation, many events and festivals take place to celebrate the sun, new life, food and wine.

Spotlight: Survey at 2018 Vinitaly shows booming trends in organic wine consumption.

VERONA, Italy, April 17 -- Led by a growing interest in biologic agrifood products overall, Italian consumers were developing a strong taste for organic wine, a research unveiled at the Vinitaly wine fair here in Verona showed.

Sales of bigger-size bottles of wine are booming at chains such as Majestic and Waitrose. Photo: Graham Turner

The magnum bottle, once the preserve of bankers’ bonus celebrations, is entering the mainstream as supermarkets report a surge in sales.

Waitrose says purchases of magnums – twice the size of ordinary wine bottles – have doubled in the past year, while Sainsbury’s and Tesco each point to growth of more than 20%.