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A study by the European Association of Wine Industries (CEEV) shows the Italian wine industry will be ravaged once Britain finally exits.

BREXIT could have a huge impact on the European wine industry, with Italian producers facing a €52million loss in funding once the UK stops stumping up its contributions to the bloc, according to a new report.

The secret ingredient in today's quality Italian wines is a man named Luigi Veronelli. Photo: Veronelli Archive

Born on the 2 February in 1926, in Milan, capital city of Italy's Lombardy region, Veronelli was to become one of the world's greatest wine thinkers. Drinker, intellectual, TV personality, he was also publisher, magazine editor (that the three titles he launched in 1956 were I problemi del socialismo, Il pensiero, Il gastronomo gave fair warning of things to come), writer, cook, food activist.

Where the wildfires raged, forest and brush burned, while vineyards largely avoided destruction. Photo: George Rose

While housing was devastated, wineries report that the blazes spared most vineyards and that tourism and sales are recovering in Napa, Sonoma and beyond.

Gen X will be taking over from the baby boomer generation as the dominant fine-wine consuming demographic.

In Aug 21017, Wine Access released results from a 10-year data search to better understand the U.S. wine market which the company claimed comprised wine consumers that are “adventurous, curious, authentic.”

Vineyards sit beneath hills at a farm near Stellenbosch, in the country’s wine producing region. Photo: Mike Hutchings

South Africa’s wine industry is praying for rain.

The catastrophic water shortage that is gripping Cape Town is now threatening to hurt the output of the region’s vineyards, which make South Africa the world’s seventh-largest producer of wine.