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A wide range of red wine will continue to gain in importance in 2018, according to Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen (with Kevin Zraly, left), authors of "Red Wine: The Complete Guide to the 50 Essential Varieties and Styles. Photo: Courtesy World Wine Guys

The world of wine, for all its reputation as a fairly hide-bound place, is constantly shifting. Styles, regions, grape varieties all of these are just as subject to the vagaries of changing tastes and trends as fashion or music.

But that doesn’t mean that what we’ll all be uncorking next year is without rhyme or reason: Trends emerge and evolve with a fair degree of predictability you just have to know where to look.

Rising wine prices mean that the amount of wine Brits actually consume will plummet, with 28% less being drunk.

The price of wine in the UK is set to increase more than 20% over the coming years, as a direct result of Britain electing last summer to leave the European Union, according to a major new academic paper.

There has been much talk of "soft" and "hard" Brexit scenarios, with Teresa May insisting that "no deal is better than a bad deal."

Britain's scheduled departure from the EU is more than 14 months away, and yet UK merchants, faced with the fall in sterling and market turbulence, are already suffering the consequences of what has been called by many the most stupid decision in British history.

Lodi growers are very interested in understanding the differences between commodity and premium grapegrowing in today’s market.

Every grapegrower would like to sell their grapes at a higher price. Some factors affecting grape prices are beyond a grower’s control, such as wine market conditions and trends, supply and demand and general economic factors.

The package would help small boutique wineries and craft brewers as well as large producers like Lagunitas Brewing Co. of Petaluma.

North Coast wineries, breweries and distilleries are big winners in the GOP tax package, which would slash their tax bills following a concerted lobbying effort by the alcohol beverage industry to reduce the federal excise tax on its products.