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While output might be down, consumption of wine is on the up, with global levels coming in at 243 million hectolitres in 2017.

Global Wine Output Falls to Lowest Level in 60 years

Poor weather conditions in the EU have led to a sudden decrease in production.

Global wine output has dropped to its lowest level since 1957, according to latest figures released by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).

Could Brittany be the new Bordeaux? Photo: Gustavo Frazao

Move over Bordeaux: Could Brittany soon rule France's wine map?

Brittany, the region of northwestern France, is renowned for its beaches, seagulls and delicious seafood - but one of the last things you'd associate with the area is local wine.

Americans think quality and beauty when they drink Italian, but do they think luxury? Photo: Frescobaldi

Italian Wine Aims to Up Its Game in the United States

At Vinitaly, the country’s trade agency announces plans for a $25 million marketing push.

American wine lovers don’t need to be told that Italy produces some of the world’s great wines. But Italian vintners believe they can improve sales in the world’s largest wine market and have launched an aggressive marketing push.

Vines and Vineyard near Topsham Devon England UK. Photo: petert2

English Wines to Toast on St George’s Day

We have grown used to sparkling wines from England winning awards, but there are plenty of others to celebrate, too. Here are three of the best:

The line-up of wines for the W3: Women of the Wine World tasting at Vinitaly International this week in Verona. Photo: Cathy Huyghe

Women Of The Wine World At Vinitaly International: Why Now?

Earlier this week I led a tasting and presentation at the Vinitaly International trade fair in Verona, on the topic of “W3: Women of the Wine World.” It was one of three international tastings this year that showcased unique perspectives of women working in the wine industry, with the expressed intent to "fuel a wider debate and encourage a constructive exchange of ideas on the influence of women in the business."