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The adjustment of only 1% will bring the total taxes for imported wine, including import tariff, VAT and excise tax, down from the current 48.2% to 46.93%.

China Lowers VAT Tax for Imported Wine

The Chinese government has announced that it will lower the country’s VAT tax from the current 17% to 16% for imported goods, which is expected to boost China’s wine imports, especially for countries such as Australia and Chile that have signed Free Trade Agreements with China.

More than 100 of Italy's top names in wine gathered in Verona for the OperaWine tasting. Photo: OperaWine

Vinitaly Brings Italy's Wine Superstars to Verona

The OperaWine tasting kicked off the all-star trade show by showcasing wines from 107 top producers.

The 52nd edition of Vinitaly, Italy's annual wine and spirits trade fair, brought nearly 4,400 exhibitors to Verona, showing their wares to an estimated 130,000 visitors.

Purchases of sparkling wine (largely Prosecco) have risen by 23%, the only category of alcoholic drink to have seen an increase in purchases.

New Zealand and Prosecco Top UK Wine Sales

The 2018 Wine Nation report from UK-based Accolade Wines reveals it was a good year for Prosecco, and New Zealand wines, but a bad year for Champagne.

Spotlight: Survey at 2018 Vinitaly shows booming trends in organic wine consumption

Spotlight: Survey at 2018 Vinitaly shows booming trends in organic wine consumption.

VERONA, Italy, April 17 -- Led by a growing interest in biologic agrifood products overall, Italian consumers were developing a strong taste for organic wine, a research unveiled at the Vinitaly wine fair here in Verona showed.