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The decline in US wine exports mirrors a tailing off in growth of wine sales more generally in the US market.

Value of US Wine Exports Falls for First Time in Seven Years

The value of US wine exports fell by 5.5% in 2017 to $5.53 billion, drawing a line under seven years of consecutive growth, with the biggest decline seen in exports to the European Union, while volumes have soared in both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Nomadica, based in Los Angeles, sells canned wines from all over the world. Photo: Saksham Gangwar

Meet the Millennial Who's Breaking All the Rules of the Wine Industry

Nomadica is trying to change the wine industry with convenient, high-quality varietals.

Emma Toshack always enjoyed having some wine when she went to the beach or the pool behind her Los Angeles apartment building, but glass containers and public consumption of alcohol weren't permitted.

Sichuan at the moment has about 20 wineries and 63,000 mu (4,200 hectares) of land under vine, with an annual production of 15,000 tonnes.

Could Sichuan be China's High-Altitude Wine Region?

Sichuan province, bordering Yunnan and Tibet in southwestern China, has been tipped by local government as the new testing ground for high-altitude viticulture, as the province’s wine industry turnover exceeds RMB 700 million (US$110 million).

A Daoist priest blesses the wine, which is being sold in Britain for around £13 a bottle Share.

Briton pours out a first for Chinese wine

A financier who battled with party politics, typhoons and irate farmers to set up a vineyard in China has now begun exporting to Britain.

It has taken several million pounds, a decade of frustration and 600 tons of chicken manure, but Chris Ruffle has finally achieved his dream.

Some of the wine, 10,000 litres in fact, was even falsely sold under the renowned Chateauneuf-du-Pape AOP label, the commercial value off which was €7000,000.

Massive Côte du Rhône fine-wine fraud uncovered by French police

Some 66.5 million bottles of wine, the equivalent of 13 Olympic sized swimming pools full of plonk, was falsely sold as high quality Côtes-du-Rhône wine, French officials have revealed.