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Laura Superville has long been interested in exploring opportunities for economic diversification in her native Trinidad.

Boutique winery bears fruit for Caribbean agripreneur

Convinced of the need for her native Trinidad to diversify its economy, Laura Superville was keen to set up a business based on local produce. The result is a range of wines based on the aroma and taste of tropical fruits, which has opened up a new career path for this young agripreneur, as well as job opportunities for other members of the community.

French crémant sparkling wines have muscled in on the party circuit. Photo: Alexander

Cremant sparkling wine muscles in as new champagne as sales soar

It was once de rigeur to serve champagne at any party worth its salt, that was until prosecco became the fizz of choice.

But now French crémant sparkling wines have muscled in on the party circuit and are challenging the domination of those two old favourites.

Some of the wines previously on show at Raw Fair in London. Photo: Raw Wine Fair

The rise of natural wine

Natural wine has arguably been the major movement of the 21st Century wine world, and for some it has also become a 'lifetstyle choice', writes Elin McCoy, as the Raw Wine fair is underway in London and after visiting the New York version of the show.

Wine producers in Italy, Spain and France were ravaged by both hot and cold weather in 2017. Photo: Simon Whitehurst

Wine prices to rise as bad weather brings worst harvest for 50 years

Global production slumps to lowest level since 1961 as major growers hit by freakish weather.

It’s the kind of bad news best served with a stiff drink: the price of standard supermarket wines such as prosecco and pinot grigio could rise by up to 30% this year as the impact of 2017’s disastrous harvest is felt on the high street.

The Chinese government hopes that vineyards can help transform rural life.

Can Wine Transform China’s Countryside?

Ningxia’s wineries have been winning awards, but they are also part of Beijing’s new vision for rural life.

The city of Yinchuan, in northwestern China, is the capital of Ningxia, a tiny lozenge of land that accounts for just half a per cent of China’s population and a similarly tiny proportion of its landmass.