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Bottles of wine for shipment are at the ready. Photo: Eric Risberg

A Crowded Field Of Apps Battles To Deliver Wine Across The U.S.

There are a few places like New York City or Buenos Aires where anything not tied down can be delivered. That is not the case in most of the world, and much of the United States has been hungry for better delivery services, particularly in the suburbs and less-urban areas of the country.

Some of the producers who will be at this years London Wine fair.

London Wine Fair 2018: What you need to know!

With a new leader at the helm, this year’s London Wine Fair is set to offer guests and exhibitors lots of exciting changes. Edith Hancock spoke to event director Hannah Tovey, and highlights the producers to look out for at this year’s event.

A tractor passes vineyards in South Africa. Photo: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Cape Drought Makes South African Wine Pricier But Tastier

The drought in South Africa’s Northern and Western Cape provinces is billed as the worst on record, with Cape Town residents forsaking baths in favor of 90-second showers. At least the wine is getting better.

Eurostar considers the 2020 launch of a direct train between London and Bordeaux.

Eurostar's London-Bordeaux 'wine line' on track for 2020

Brits with a penchant for fine French wine could be in luck, as Eurostar considers the 2020 launch of a direct train between London and Bordeaux, shaving two and a half hours off current rail trip times.

From January to March, China imported 200.57 million litres of wines worth about US$792 million.

China's Wine Imports Soar in Quarter 1

China’s wine imports soared in both volume and value in the first quarter of the year, with Australia closing in on France as the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement took even greater effect following another tariff cut at the beginning of this year.