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Grace Vineyard organised a 20th anniversary wine dinner at the winery earlier this month in Shanxi province, where the winery is based.

One of China’s leading family-owned wineries, Grace Vineyard, celebrated its 20th anniversary this month, as its CEO Judy Chan says its biggest achievement was, “making something impossible possible”.

Chan said that "the winery had come a long way and what an achievement it had been to build one of the best wineries in China from scratch."

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Ruckus Estate in Wrattonbully in South Australia, a relatively new wine region.

I’m reading a wonderful book at the moment, An Unlikely Vineyard by Deirdre Heekin. Her property is located in the wilds of upstate Vermont, USA, and the resulting wine, La Garagista, is made in tiny quantities. The book tracks Heekin’s journey from sommelier to enthusiastic gardener to fully fledged winemaker.

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‘The new sommeliers are selectors and tastemakers’. Photo: YakobchukOlena

Obsessive about their subject, the talent of the new breed of master sommeliers lies in shaping the mood and lining up seamless food and wine matches.

Not so long ago, the phrase “star sommelier” would have been considered an oxymoron in the English-speaking world. Wine waiting was not seen as a career for the ambitious. It was reserved for the kind of man (and it was almost always a man) who takes pleasure in making sarcastic remarks while quizzing timid customers about the contents of his big, leather-bound book of potential faux pas, or shaming them into spending more money than they want on something they’ve never heard of.

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Hello Vino 5.0 Wine Assistant (for iOS and Android).

Maybe one day wine retail shops will offer "Alexa" to provide shoppers with fast and pretty good answers to specific wine questions. Until that day, however, there will be smartphones and the apps that make them brainy, like Vivino and Hello Vino.

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Tokaj, Hungary - Unesco World Heritage Site.

Once known as “the wine of kings” the difficult to spell wine appellation Tokaji (Toke-eye) dates to the early 18th century, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tokaji-Hegyalja of northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia had been an established wine region hundreds of years before then.

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A blend of 90 Cabernet Sauvignon and 10 Cabernet Franc with 15.1 ABV, only 24,000 bottles of Ao Yun 2013 were produced, with each initially selling for US$250. Photo: Moet Hennessy

China may be the world’s fifth-largest consumer and producer of wine, but most of the wines that have been produced in the country have yet to come close to those from more established Old and New World wine regions.

Until now, that is.

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Next time you reach for an impulse buy of a bottle of wine, go ahead and choose by the label.

After multiple opportunities to do field research this holiday season, I've come to the conclusion most of us choose wine based on brand, rather than taste.

Sure, many people have an oenophile friend who knows that a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite with the initials Th.J. etched on it sold for more than $150K.

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2017’s marketable yield has been set at 10,800 kilograms per hectare, which is identical to last year’s figure.

The Comité Champagne has set the marketable yields for this year at the same level as 2016, although it records increasing Champagne shipments worldwide.

At a meeting between the Syndicat Général des Vignerons (SGV) and the Unions des Maisons de Champagne (UMC) on 21 July in Epernay, it was agreed to fix 2017’s marketable yield at 10,800 kilograms per hectare, which is identical to last year’s figure.

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Vino Vessel has re-vamped and given their website a complete overhaul with the help of Access Publishing.

Paso Robles, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2017

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Wine Displays Inc. a global leader in premium wine storage solutions began taking orders today for L-type Series 2, the first significant breakthrough in 'label out' wine storage since the concept was first pioneered in Austria, over a generation ago.

SAN FRANCISCO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- STACT

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How to winemakers combat excessive heat?	Photo: Rosily Vineyard, Margaret River

What does an unexpected heatwave mean for vineyards – and how do winemakers tackle it…?

Winemakers need to know how to tackle unexpected heat, as shown by the recent ‘Lucifer’ heatwave hitting southern Europe, and record-breaking high temperatures in Oregon and down the US west coast.

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Global warming may result in labour and productivity losses in the European wine industry.

We all know that global warming will trigger sea level rises, and cause mass disruption to our civilisation on a worldwide scale.

But there’s a more imminent danger which will leave some drinkers gasping - rising temperatures are disrupting wine production, threatening wine supplies from hotter countries.

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