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Pennsylvania restaurateurs are alarmed by changes the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is making to the way they buy wines and spirits that are not carried by state stores. Photo: Harry Fisher

Pennsylvania restaurateurs are alarmed by changes the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is making to the way they buy wines and spirits that are not carried by state stores.

Starting Oct. 1, restaurant owners and other licensees ordering through the state's special liquor order (SLO) system will have to pay 100 percent up-front, and they won't be allowed to inspect an order when they pick it up at the state store. To fix an order or get their money back, a convoluted seven-step process is involved.

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The rarely photographed Rudy Kurniawan in New York City, before the FBI came knocking.

Judge rejects challenge to FBI search that uncovered extensive evidence of counterfeiting operation.

Rudy Kurniawan's last-gasp effort to challenge his conviction for wine counterfeiting has been shot down by the same federal court judge who presided over his eight-day trial in 2013. Forty months remain on Kurniawan’s prison sentence.

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Pick of the bunch … a worker tends to the grapes growing in the vineyard of the Changyu Pioneer Wine Company in China. Photo: Getty Images

The Chinese wine industry is getting into its stride and among the huge vineyards and endless empty towerblocks there are some rare finds to be enjoyed.

A few miles outside Xi’an, the city of Emperor Qin’s terracotta warriors, the guide on a tour bus filled with Italian wine professionals pointed across a bleak plain shadowed by empty towerblocks to a medieval castle with crenellated towers.

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In the end, wines are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, or are commended.

In India, we have a few wine awards beginning to take root, but the consumer is not too bothered with medals just yet.

I happen to have just concluded judging at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards, a tradition going back more than a decade, and each year, when I finish this task, I always introspect about awards and their relevance.

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Rocky Marciano retired in 1955 with a record of 49-0. Photo: Debee Tlumacki

Sorry, college kids — it’s named for a legendary boxer, but cheap boxed wine this is not.

The son of Brockton native Rocky Marciano, the former heavyweight champion who retired in 1956 with a record of 49-0, debuted a new wine bearing his name this week in the Boston area.

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Tardif has a slow vegetative development and tends to only reach optimal maturity in late October to early November.

One of France’s leading co-operatives, Plaimont Producteurs, has succeeded in gaining official recognition for the old French variety Tardif.

The grape, thought to have been lost to phylloxera long ago, is to be listed once again in the official catalogue of permitted varieties in France and will be making wine for commercial production by 2020.

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Wine auctions helped to bring more money to Bordeaux in the 1960s. Photo: Ian Shaw

It's up to Bordeaux winemakers to curb alcohol in their wines and global warming should not be an excuse for allowing levels to rise too high, argues John Salvi MW, drawing on the historical perspective of alcohol in Bordeaux wine.

Château Mouton Rothschild 1948 only had 10.5° alcohol (the absolute legal minimum); whilst in recent years the Pavillon Blanc of Château Margaux and Château La Mission Haut Brion have both topped 15° on occasions – an increase of over 40%.

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I’m looking at labels as a marketing tool. Photo: PR

Wine producers are employing ever more ingenious marketing tools to make us part with our hard-earned cash.

Last week, I wrote about wine labels as a source of information. This week, I’m looking at them as a marketing tool, by which I don’t mean a posh name or a gold-embossed script, but how a producer can give the impression that his wine is cooler or more upmarket than it actually is.

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Vino Vessel has re-vamped and given their website a complete overhaul with the help of Access Publishing.

Paso Robles, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2017

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Wine Displays Inc. a global leader in premium wine storage solutions began taking orders today for L-type Series 2, the first significant breakthrough in 'label out' wine storage since the concept was first pioneered in Austria, over a generation ago.

SAN FRANCISCO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- STACT

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Extreme weather events influenced this year's harvest everywhere from Germany and France to Italy and Chile.

Earlier this summer, the Napa Valley was on track to be one of the world's luckiest wine regions this year, having escaped everything from hail to fires to grape-gobbling wild boar.

Then a scorching, record-breaking heat wave with temperatures up to 117 (!) degrees Fahrenheit swept in and stuck around over Labor Day weekend, upending vintners' expectations.

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How to winemakers combat excessive heat?	Photo: Rosily Vineyard, Margaret River

What does an unexpected heatwave mean for vineyards – and how do winemakers tackle it…?

Winemakers need to know how to tackle unexpected heat, as shown by the recent ‘Lucifer’ heatwave hitting southern Europe, and record-breaking high temperatures in Oregon and down the US west coast.

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